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Case Studies

We are proud to be able to provide a wide range of service to many organisations and business throughout the UK.

JMH's commitment to quality and customer services is an important part of our business ethos and we work hard to maintain this at the highest possible level and this is reflected by the repeat business we receive from our customers.



An existing client had a need to change their current access control arrangements as they expanded and needed greater control of the movement of students.

We worked with the client to review the current access control system, Magstripe card technology, and established that proximity Mifare cards would be a better solution as the system was now being used with new turnstiles and a new disabled gate to comply with DDA regulations.

The new turnstiles and disabled access increased security control and the new technology provided a smoother and quicker method of Student movement through the turnstiles, whilst reducing miss-reads and frustrations caused by the card being used in the incorrect way and access being denied.

The use of Mifare cards also provided the client with the flexibility in the future to use the card for other applications such as cashless payments.

The system now provides a picture pull up facility meaning that as a student uses a turnstile, their picture is automatically displayed on a monitor above the turnstile they have used and security can see that the card being used matches the student.

The card printers were replaced with printers that automatically encode the Mifare cards with the student’s details and picture printed onto the card.

Student enrolment is an important part of the access control process as the number of students enrolling was increasing and a quick and efficient procedure was needed; this has achieved by using three printers and printing returning students’ cards.



JMH were approached by a local authority that needed help to efficiently monitor the CCTV systems they were using in the entrances of residential tower blocks.

JMH reviewed the current systems and prepared a plan to upgrade parts of the system and install broadband connections so the recorded footage could be reviewed remotely;
this had an immediate benefit in terms of cost and efficiency meaning that:-
The Local authority staff did not have to leave the office to know that the system and cameras were operational and that no vandalism had taken place.

Staff are no longer put in vulnerable situations on site to download video footage as this can now be done remotely Police are now able to view live footage of incidents taking place allowing them to assess a situation more efficiently and effectively.



Preventive Maintenance works

Preventative maintenance is better than cure! One of JMH new clients were spending £1000 per month on service calls with the old service provider, since taking over the contract we have now reduced this cost to approximately £200 per quarter.

We carried out an initial preventative maintenance visit and this resulted in a number of recommendations for remedial works. These included housing the digital recorders in environmental enclosures with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) units, as the equipment was located in harsh, damp and dusty areas where the mains supply was not always stable.

Now these environmental housings and UPS have been installed, any issues relating to the location of the digital recorders have ceased. The system performance has increased dramatically and a number of prosecutions have been brought by using the evidence collected from an efficient and well maintained system.

Maintenance is an important part of any security system; it prolongs the life of the system and helps to ensure that the system is always operating to its optimum performance.

Maintenance of CCTV systems includes:-
. cleaning of cameras
. checking video images and levels are correct
. recording equipment has the correct time and date settings
. the number of days recording is as per the original specification Access control systems require system checks
. for errors on the computer running the software
. that backups are current
. that the field equipment, including the PSU (Power Supply Unit) and batteries are working at recommended operating voltages.

One of the most common problems with any access control system is that the door locks require adjusting and realigning from a performance and Health & Safety point of view.
All of the above measures will assist in prolonging the life of any system and ensure that a high level of performance is achieved.
You would always service and maintain your car so why not your security system.

Maintenance contracts are developed with the customer to meet each individual need and with JMH it is not just a matter of here is your contract, take or leave it.