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Paxton Registered Installer

JMH are registered installers of Paxton Access Control Systems and provides a specialist design and Installation Service to meet any requirements you might have.

Our team work closely with you to provide a system to meet your requirements which can then be expanded as your company grows.

At Our head Office near London we can fully test the system configuration before this is deployed on site.

The Paxton system provides cost effect solution for a PC controlled access control system giving all the standard functionality you would expect along with.

Emergency lockdown - secure your building at the touch of a button. Security lockdown is ideal for buildings or sensitive sites that need to secure the premises in the event of an emergency

Intruder alarm zoning - Net2 allows you to selectively secure zones in your building by securing doors and setting the alarm across specific areas of your building, at the click of a button. Partitioning your site in this way allows you to add varying layers of control, for complete flexibility

Anti-passback - prevent unauthorised access from users sharing tokens by setting time delays in the Net2 software. This prevents the same token being used more than once within a certain timeframe

Timesheet - a valuable tool to help you keep track of staff hours and keep HR processes smooth and simple

Timeline - a quick and easy way to monitor staff time and attendance, as well as sick days and holidays throughout the year, in one convenient package

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Paxlock            Paxton reader

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 Paxton Door

Vandal Proof Net2 Entry Panel previewed at IFSEC

 Paxton's, new Net2 entry panel has
 now been release and will  complement the Net2 entry range.

Net2 has even more to offer!

Net2 offers even more functionality than most systems. Intruder alarm integration Nominate those who have permission to unset and set the intruder alarm.
When they present their token to the door, the alarm will unset prior to the door unlocking.
If the alarm is set, only those nominated people will be able to access the building. This easy-to-use feature helps prevent false alarms.

SMS/Email messaging Through its easy-to-use ‘Triggers and Actions' function, Net2 can send SMS or emails when a specified trigger happens. Get an SMS message sent to your mobile if a door is forced!

View IP camera images See who is at the door, before you let them in. View what is happening throughout your building.
Control lighting and heating Turn lights on when you arrive in the morning; turn them off when the alarm is set at night - easy with ‘Triggers and Actions’.

Hands free Hands free access control enables any Net2 door equipped with P series PROXIMITY readers to achieve hands free ranges of up to 2.5m.

Doors are converted to hands free simply by wiring a hands free interface between the reader and control unit. Hands free tokens are then supplied to users who require hands free access. Both standard Net2 and hands free tokens will work on a Net2-equipped door.