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   Milestone CCTV Installer

At JMH Technology UK Ltd we have a proven track record of installing Milestone XProtect CCTV systems through out the UK.

At JMH we have installed Milestone CCTV Systems at various sizes of sites from small schools to large chemical plants requiring Compex Certified engineers. These sites have very quickly realized how cost effective this solution is but still providing the extremely high quality recordings required to protect their staff and per misses

A number of large corporations have used our IT expertise to integrate this system with their existing S2 Access control system.

At Our head Office near London we can fully test database integration before  implementing on site.


Live monitoring made easy

• Multi-channel, two-way audio: Communication is made easy because operators can easily broadcast messages to many people at once or directly speak with people at gates or entrances

• System Watch: A free add-on utility that notifies operators of live system failures, providing an additional level of reliability

• Create high-quality evidence: Advanced video search tools, such as the Sequence Explorer and Smart Search make it easy to locate recordings of incidents, enabling quick evidence creation

Milestone Mobile

View your XProtect® system from almost anywhere on your smartphone or tablet with Milestone Mobile. Designed by Milestone, Milestone Mobile is an application that can be downloaded for free and works seamlessly with all
XProtect video management software (VMS) products.

Milestone Mobile

Protect Web Client

Protect Web Client is a simplified, intuitive web-based client application for XProtect® IP VMS for viewing, playing back and sharing video provides instant access to the most commonly used surveillance functions

Web Client

Milestone XProtect

Helping you do more

• Multiple servers: Easily expand your installation and add more cameras and hardware without decreasing the performance of the system because additional devices can be distributed among multiple servers

• Dual streaming: Two independent, configurable video streams for live and recorded viewing can be individually optimized for stream compression, resolution and frame rate

• Built-in motion detection: Optimize hardware by detecting motion on key frames or on a specific part of the video in regular quality or lower video resolution, lowering memory and central processing unit (CPU) consumption even when additional cameras are added

Milestone XProtect for all business sizes