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XProtect Enterprise capabilities
XProtect Enterprise

    Easy to set up and operate

• Automatic camera discovery: Ensures rapid discovery of hundreds of different IP-based video cameras and encoders from numerous vendors, speeding up installation process

• Configuration wizards: Guide users through the process of adding cameras, defining rules and configuring storage and archive areas, which simplifies installation

• Consolidated user interface: Security operators can manage cameras and alarms, control gates and entrances, broadcast audio messages and export evidence all in one easy-to-navigate interface

Situational awareness

• Map: Interactive, multi-layered maps provide a comprehensive visual overview of cameras and layouts, providing a complete overview of the entire installation and improved response time

• Alarm Manager: Integrated with the map function, it gives a consolidated overview of security and system alarms, providing immediate visual verification while decreasing the number of false alarms

• Camera Navigator: An innovative feature that collects camera locations, names and view areas, making complex locations easy to navigate and allowing you to efficiently track moving objects

• Support for System Watch: Add an additional level of reliability to your installation with system failure notifications, allowing you to actively ensure the system is always running smoothly

System Watch

Performance enhancements

• Dual streaming: Two independent, configurable video streams for live and recorded viewing can be individually optimized for stream compression, resolution and frame rate

• Built-in motion detection: Optimize hardware by detecting motion on key frames or on a specific part of the video in regular quality or lower video resolution, lowering memory and central processing unit (CPU) consumption even when additional cameras are added

• Storage: Optimize disk usage with long-term storage, featuring dynamic archiving that saves disk space and short-term storage that stores video on fast, local disks

  System Watch .