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Milestone XProtect Express capabilities
Milestonne XProtect Express

Quick and easy setup

• Configuration wizards: Unique software wizards swiftly guide you through the process of adding cameras, configuring video, scheduling recordings, adjusting motion detection settings and managing system users

• Automatic device detection: A wizard scans your system and automatically detects connected hardware, making it easy to set up your installation Cost-effective retail solution

• Support for XProtect® Retail: Perform advanced data analysis with advanced search options, full video documentation and a set of pre-defined performance indicators, so you can easily maintain a comprehensive overview of store operations

• Support for XProtect® Transact: Quickly perform a text-only search and view video of specific transactions such as transactions involving gift cards, credit cards, coupons or returned merchandise

Milestone Live

Milestone XProtect Express

XProtect® Express is video surveillance software for retail and small businesses with need for integrating applications, such as video analytics or transaction data analysis
Future proof

• Flexible licensing: Efficiently expand your surveillance installation by purchasing XProtect Express licenses on a per-camera basis and take advantage of new camera technologies as they come to market

• Open platform: With Milestone’s unified platform, integrated solutions that are developed and applied to XProtect Express will also seamlessly work with premium XProtect products, giving you a cost-effective way to expand and upgrade your