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Access Control Systems

JMH provide solutions to help you meet your business needs with quality Access Control solutions. These solutions utilise proven products that are integrated to provide the best results at the most economic cost. The Access Control systems can vary from a single door to multiple buildings networked across continents.

         Speed gates

With Salto access control glass doors are now not a problem

        Glass door lock

Even changing traditional cylinder locks for reader controlled is now an option


Proximity cards/fobs are the most common entry device being used. On high security buildings biometric fingerprint readers have been implemented to give greater security.

       Fingerprint Reader

Systems can be designed to make full use of the broadband infrastructure in place to allow Web browser access either locally or from anywhere in the world.

On large corporate sites the system can be configured to have redundant hosts to give a very robust and reliable system.

Salto,Paxton,Lenel Systems and S2 Security are leading manufactures of Access Control systems and enable us to supply cutting edge technological installations.

Salto                      Lenel

Salto          Lenel

Paxton                           S2 system

Paxton          S2

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are there to help you mange your business and protect your staff .

Milestone XProtect

These can be comprised of a wide range of different equipment to provide a simple monitoring solution tailored to suit each individual site.

Dome Ptz camera

Cameras can be Pan, Tilt and Zoom, (PTZ) or static cameras, either in discrete domes or traditional box style cameras.

Mini Dome network camera

Day/Night cameras can be employed where low light capability is required at night but the benefit of colour is required at all other times. IP cameras can be utilised to provide video over a data network giving greater freedom of installation and viewing locations.

Video Badge

Video Badge can help protect your security staff with reliable independent indisputable witness.

s2 Ip System

Milestone is at the forefront of IP technology .These solutions can be integrated in to Lenel ,S2 Access Control systems or Paxton systems.


     Milestone         Lenel                S2 system
   Milestone      Lenel      S2

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are being used for a wide range of applications from apartment entrances to disabled refuge systems each having their own unique requirements.

      Paxton IP solution

The traditional intercom systems of point to point wiring are being superceded by networked intercoms, this uses the existing computer network infrastructure where available.

          refuge System

This allows for a more versatile system to be installed and configured to grow easily to meet the ever increasing requirements placed upon it .

      Complus IP System

An Entrance intercom on one site can be made to call a totally different site if not answered in the allotted time.


Traditional system are still implemented when a simple one to one system is required