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Advantages of S2

Superior Technology

S2 Security pioneered the use of network appliances with 100% browser-delivered content to build flexible security and video management systems that meet the demands of both the security and the IT departments. A wide range of security and video management solutions and new products and revisions to existing ones frequently roll out of S2’s laboratories and engineering teams.

S2 Service

Coupled with S2’s innovative advanced technology, S2’s services complete a picture of system ownership. S2 Security’s services range from software updates and routine technical support to on-site design, training, and commissioning. Our popular S2 Black program, for example, lets enterprise end users train and receive technical support for diagnosis and, often, correction of issues concerning the systems they own.

S2 Experience

When you purchase an S2 Security or video management system, you can have the confidence of knowing that you’re not the first, or 1,000th, or 10,000th for that matter. We supply and offer software update and support service for systems as small as a single office and as large as a global corporation.

S2 Enterprise

S2 Enterprise provides enterprise-grade capabilities for larger and multisite applications and is available in two models: Enterprise Select and Enterprise Ultra. Built on S2 NetBox IP-based security management technology, S2 Enterprise can be operated entirely from a Web browser and integrates access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and temperature monitoring capabilities in an IP-based, network-ready system. 

S2 Enterprise is designed to meet the demand for S2 technology in larger and heavily networked environments. It offers approximately 10 times the throughput of the solid state product line, making it ideal for larger scale applications and those requiring many network end points. S2 Enterprise systems can be operated as partitioned systems that enable multiple occupant facilities to standardize on a central security system and then share the system with individual entities, such as commercial building tenants. 

Enterprise Select offers support for up to 1792 access control readers and 128 nodes. Enterprise Ultra offers support for up to 7168 access control readers and 512 nodes, and includes redundant, hot-swappable disks.

At JMH Technology UK Ltd we have a many years experience installing S2 access control system and with our expert IT knowledge we have been able to integrate this system with other database and integrate CCTV system in to the system like the Milestone XProtect system

S2 NetBox VR Quatro

Quatro’s base offering is licensed for four IP cameras and four portals, with expansion options that support up to eight cameras and eight access control points. Quatro is a true IP network appliance: power, a network drop, and a web browser are all the system requires. Convenient and economical, Quatro’s single box design minimizes both installation and maintenance costs.