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As a Salto Approved Installer JMH Technology UK Ltd have a proven track record of installing Salto access control systems through out the UK.

The Salto smart Locks provide a cost effective security solution without compromising on features or quality

A number of colleges and Universities have used our IT expertise to integrate this system with their existing student and staff databases.

At Our head Office near London we can fully test database integration before implementing on site.

These type of smart locks makes a very cost effective solution to securing your building.

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Room Power Saver        Room Power Saver

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XS4 One

The SALTO XS4 One smart lock escutcheon is a revolutionary stand-alone lock.

The level of technology packed inside the handle set brings together the convenience of an offline point with virtually the same kind of power and performance of an online point with added benefit of no cabling to install.

XS4 One

SVN (Virtual Network)

Whether you manage a university, airport, hospital, a corporate building or a government institution and whether you need to control 6 doors or 64.000 doors, you need an access control partner you can rely on.

This is the reason why over 40000 costumers including some of the world's top universities, corporate buildings, hotels, and health care providers have selected Salto to deliver their access control requirements.

Universities such Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom, corporate buildings like T-mobile and RTL Television have all chosen Salto.

Simple off-line installation is possible on any type of door, including those with narrow frames. Door status detector to monitor intrusions or door left open status is available if required.

Audit trailing facility is provided in the lock and on the users card, which is automatically download at the next use of the card at an on-line reader.

Many contactless cards versions are available these cover a wide range of mainstream RFID brands such as DESfire, DESfireEV1, Mifare, Mifare plus, Legic, HID iClass, allowing multi-application with third party systems using one card.

Salto 9000 contactless range is compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which allows NFC enabled cell phones to act as contactless data carriers to open and control Salto access controlled doors.

All communications between the carrier and the electronic lock are encrypted and secure.

Low battery power indication monitored through the Salto Virtual Network (SVN) as low battery status information is written onto carriers and passed to the software.

Making Student Accommodation Safe

With the new Salto locks and software not only can the student accommodation be made safe from unauthorized access cost effectively but internal accommodation rooms doors can be set such that the inside handle leaves the door unlocked till a card is presented to lock the door.

Why is this important ?

Imagine there is a fire

Students evacuate their rooms only find the corridor blocked by Fire. If the door was allowed to lock behind then they could not retreat to relative safety of their room.