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Software ProAccess Space

SALTO's ProAccess SPACE web-based software brings a new level of powerful flexibility to access control such that users can order the functionalities that they most need and upgrade accordingly as a system and needs grow.

In addition to the abundance of important new functionalities, SPACE also has a modern interface that is more user-friendly to help users find and operate the functions they want to use as quickly and intuitively as possible

Its features allow you to make the most of your building access control.

ProAccess Space can manage large numbers of doors and since most access related information is written directly on to the key cards, management of the doors is simply a case of managing the cards. Just by updating the cards you can quickly change most access related authorisations of the users including adding/deleting doors, time zones, calendars etc.

 ProAccess Space can do all this and more. And thanks to its advanced software features, ProAccess Space is also one of the most user friendly and powerful software products for the access control management of stand alone devices, and IP on-line devices in one converged platform

         Student                  Office Doors
Student Accommodation         Offices

Glass doors                     Panic Bar Solutions

Glass doors         2200

Smart Cylinders                   Smart Locker
 Smart Cylinders        Lockers

    Aelement                          Paddlocks
 Aelement        Paddlock

    Data cabinets                    Wall Reader
 Data cabinets        Wall reader

    Keypad wall reader                    Xs4 Mini
 Data cabinets        Wall reader

Main features:

  • Up to 4,000,000 users.
  • Up to 64,000 doors &i-Lockers.
  • Password protected operator profiles.
  • 256 Calendars.
  • 30 Time periods.
  • 256 Time zones.
  • Available with Salto database engine or MSSQL data base compatible.
  • Connection to online units through TCP IP protocols using existing LAN & WAN networks.
  •  Multi-station capability.
  • Department Operator management for large complexes like universities multinationals, etc.
  • Integratable with others software systems through SHIP (Salto Host Interface Protocol) protocols, and dynamic database synchronisation.
  • SVN capabilities in order to manage the XS4 stand alone electronic handle sets and control units:
  • The ability to add or delete access privileges at will to the ID carriers.
  • The ability to program in 256 different time zones.
  • Carry out updating tasks changing access times/days using up to 256 different calendars.
  • The ability to validate the any change made in the access plan on any SVN on-line wall reader.
  • The ability to add security through additional authenticated validation procedures including pin codes as well the ability to blacklist cards from the system.
  •  On card audit-trailing to track staff or visitor movement.
  • Lock specific battery power data is registered on any card using the lock – staff or visitor – and transferred back to the PC.
  • Control software via any update reader just by using the system.
  • Adhoc audit trail reports managed by he user.
  • Reports Export to Excel, txt, etc.
  • The ability to set different lock setting per door
  • Standard = Door locked until card used to unlock door
  • Office = The lock can be left open by any user who has the Office option selected in their user profile and has access to the door.
  • Timed office = This is the same as the Office mode detailed above except that the Office mode is only allowed during defined time periods (for example from 08:00 to 15:00). The lock automatically reverts to Standard mode at the end of each period.
  • Automatic opening = The lock opens automatically at specific times and remains open during a defined time period for example from 08:00 to 18:00). At the end of each time period, the lock closes and reverts to Standard mode.
  • Toggle = The lock can be left open by any authorized user that presents a valid key. The next authorized key presented then closes the door. This continues switching (toggling) on presentation of each valid key.
  • Timed toggle = This mode operates in the same way as the Toggle mode described above. However, you can only toggle the Office mode on and off within set access point timed periods.
  • Keypad only = The lock can be opened at any time by typing a valid code on a keypad. The keypad code must contain between one and eight digits and is the same for every user.
  • Timed keypad = This mode is the same as the Keypad only mode described above except that the Keypad only mode is only allowed during a defined timed period. The lock can be opened with a key at any time.
  • Key + PIN = The lock can only be opened using both a valid key and by typing a valid PIN on the keypad. This acts as a dual security control. If the PIN code is incorrect, access will not be granted. The PIN must be defined in the user profile.
  • Timed key + PIN = This is the same as the Key + PIN mode above except that the Key + PIN mode is only allowed during specific time periods. Outside of these time periods, the lock operates in Standard mode.
  • Automatic opening + Office = The lock is in Office mode. If the door is closed, it opens automatically at specific times and remains open during a defined time period (for example from 08:00 to 18:00). At the end of each time period, if the door is opened, the lock closes and stays in office mode.
  • Automatic opening + toggle = The lock is in Toggle mode. If the door is closed it opens automatically at specific times and remains open during a defined time period ( for example from 08:00 to 18:00). At the end of each time period, if the door is opened, the lock closes and stays in Toggle mode.
  • Automatic changes = This ‘mode’ acts as an indication that the lock will work with a mixture of modes during certain time periods throughout the day. The combination of modes is defined in an automatic changes entry.
  • Exit leaves open = The lock remains open when the inner handle is used until a valid key is presented. To activate this opening mode option.
  • Toggle + Exit leaves open = This mode is a combination of the Toggle mode and the Exit leaves open mode. The lock opens when an authorized key is presented and closes when the next authorized key is presented. The lock continues to switch back and forth on presentation of each valid key. However, when the inner handle is lowered, the lock remains open.


  • ProAccess Space Basic - up to 4,000,000 users and 64,000 doors
  • ProAccess Space Online include all Space basic plus additional features- Antipassback, Lockdown, Automatic Key Assignment, RollCall, Limited Occupancy.
  • ProAccess Space ID credential include all Space Online plus additional features- Card printing and visitor management
  • Pro Access Space Department include all Space ID plus additional features- Departmental Operator.
  • Additional Add on feature available
  • Locations & Function
  • Mobile users module
  • Database Synchronization
  • SHIP Integration
  • Graphical Mapping compatibility
  • SAM Custom Keys
  • SAM Custom Keys defined by user
  • Wireless RF2
  • Alarms & Communication
  • Hotel module
  • BAS Integration
  • Mobile Guest Keys

Technical requirements:

  • Operative System: Windows Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows server
  • MS-SQL Express, MS-SQL
  • Ram Memory: 64MB (min.), 1GBMB, (recommended for the highest versions).
  • Min. available Hard Disc space: 50 MB (Aprox. depending on the data base).
  • MDAC version 2.1 or higher.
  • Processor: Pentium II or higher.
  • CD drive.
  • 1 serial port or USB port.

Management tools:

  • DDBB Compact and repair.
  • Roll call.
  • Automatic back up.
  • SVN automatic capabilities.
  • Import Export.
  • Advanced reports.
  • Online Unit monitoring
  • Email reports of low battery status of handles and cylinders